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Bake Knit Sew (2014)

Bake Knit Sew

Bake Knit Sew showcases a year of creativity in baking, knitting, and sewing. Twelve baking recipes, seven knitting patterns, and five sewing projects are yours to make your own. Approachable projects for beginners and seasoned crafters seeking to expand to another hobby. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to make and create these functional projects from scratch. In this age of mass consumption and branding, there is magic in being able to create something unique and special. Something all your own, from the heart.

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Ultraviolet Knits (2020)

Ultraviolet Knits by Evin Bail OKeeffe

Ultraviolet Knits is inspired by the night’s sky, some from the view from Earth, such as star-gazing from a porch swing, while others pay homage to astronomy. Each of the 12 accessory patterns works well with bold, speckled, and vibrant yarns as well as semi-solid and neutrals, making the designs well suited for using those treasured skeins in your yarn collection. These accessory designs are excellent for travel knitting given their size. For festival-goers or everyday use, these finished objects are ones you’ll want to wear again and again.

Ultraviolet Knits – Politics & Prose– WDC, USA

Ultraviolet Knits – Bookshop.org – USA

Ultraviolet Knits – UK.Bookshop – UK

Ultraviolet Knits – Waterstones – Ireland

Ultraviolet Knits – Tattered Cover– Colorado, USA

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These Islands (2015)

These Islands by Sara Breitenfeldt, Evin Bail O'Keeffe, and uzanne McEndoo

These Islands explores two sources for wool in Ireland which embrace the slow revolution with ethically-treated sheep, fair-trade wool, and local milling. A step away from the mass-produced acrylics and imported wool blends from other continents to focus once again on knitting with local wool. It is time to allow conscientious small-batch artisan producers to guide us to the very best of what these islands have to offer. If we’re so focused on having our eggs be fair-trade and local, why not our knitting wool? These Islands includes eight never before published patterns for hats, a cowl, shawls, fingerless gloves, and boot cuffs using locally-processed wool made from the fleece of Irish, Scottish, or British sheep with names.

These Islands – Politics & Prose– WDC, USA

These Islands – Bookshop.org– USA

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These Islands – Waterstones – Ireland

These Islands – Tattered Cover– Colorado, USA

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