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Included on this page is information and links to images related to Ultraviolet Knits: Twelve knitting patterns featuring UV-reactive hand-dyed wool yarn. If there is anything else needed, please do not hesitate to contact info@evinok.com.

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Contact Info

Evin Bail O’Keeffe



Product Info

Imprint: Anchor and Bee

Publication Date: March 24, 2020

Price: $24.50USD / €22.00EUR 

Trim Size: 8.268” x 11.693” (A4)

ISBN: 978-1-910567-06-7 (paperback)

Page Count: 50

Illustrations: 63 color photographs and illustrations

Format: Paperback

Additional Formats: Ebook 978-1-910567-07-4 (digital version – Ravelry)


Review Copy

To request a digital review copy please contact info@evinok.com.


Press Release


24 March 2020 | CORK, IRELAND

Astronomy- and Night-Inspired Designs Engage Knitters in New Book Ultraviolet Knits

Knitwear designer and award-winning craft blogger Evin Bail O’Keeffe’s bright new book Ultraviolet Knits: Twelve knitting patterns featuring UV-reactive hand-dyed wool yarn is now available for purchase on Ravelry, Anchor and Bee (publisher: anchorandbee.bigcartel.com), and other online retailers.

In Ultraviolet Knits, O’Keeffe designed a collection of 12 night-inspired accessories for knitters of various skill levels. Some patterns are better suited to semi-solid or subtle colorways, while others embrace bright and sometimes wild colorways to let them shine without competing against the stitchwork. The result is a collection of patterns to help knitters make use of their treasured skeins. 

The 12 designs feature familiar accessories with interesting stitchwork reflective of the book’s astronomy and night theme. With three cowls, three fingerless mitts, one hat, and five shawls, Ultraviolet Knits has all the cosy layers knitters gravitate towards. This collection embraces texture with ruffles, bobbles, slipped stitches, and strategically placed purls making it apparent how carefully light light and shadow were considered in each design. After all, each design needed to be beautiful in both natural light and ultraviolet light. Mixing yarns from different dyers within the same project and using mini skeins is a nod to the book’s support of knitting from one’s stash.

This collection began in early 2017 when her older son was just starting Kindergarten and her younger son was six months old. O’Keeffe heard about music festivals with ambient black light, which made her considering how stunning it would be for the usual festival wares to react to the light and glow in an unexpected way. Searching for yarns and patterns for this, she saw a gap in the world of ultraviolet light-reactive knitting patterns. In Ultraviolet Knits, O’Keeffe unites the bright and speckled colorways with approachable classic designs with a secret life after dark.


Author Bio

Evin Bail O’Keeffe is creator and author of the award-winning blog EvinOK.com, which she started in 2011. Originally from the Washington DC area, she now resides with her family in Cork, Ireland. In addition to Ultraviolet Knits, Evin has her designs published in two other books, Bake Knit Sew: A Recipe and Craft Project Annual (Anchor and Bee, 2014)  and These Islands: Knits from Ireland, Scotland, and Britain (Anchor and Bee, 2015).


Photographer Bio

Niall Twamley has a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Strategy from Cork Institute of Technology and works in the field while also pursuing photography.


Tech Editor Bio

Michael Harrigan is a knitwear accessory designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been certified by The Knitting Guild Association (tkga.org) as a Master Knitter, Knitting Technical Editor, and Knitting Judge.


High Resolution Cover Photo

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High Resolution Interior Photos

Click Here to Download the High Resolution Interior Photos. The images are in individual pattern-specific folders.



Did you know certain yarns glow in reaction to ultraviolet light? 

Evin Bail O’Keeffe has designed 12 knitting patterns to bring out the best in ultraviolet-reactive yarns. 

This collection is inspired by the night’s sky, some from the view from Earth, such as star-gazing from a porch swing, while others pay homage to astronomy. Each of the 12 accessory patterns works well with bold, speckled, and vibrant yarns as well as semi-solid and neutrals, making the designs well suited for using those treasured skeins in your yarn collection. These accessory designs are excellent for travel knitting given their size. For festival-goers or everyday use, these finished objects are ones you’ll want to wear.


Pattern List

The patterns included in Ultraviolet Knits:

• Aerglo Wrap (two sizes)

• Altair Cowl

• Betelgeuse Shawl

• Cassiopeia Mini Skein Shawl

• Elara Shawl

• Firefly Hour Mitts

• Midnight Waffles Cowl

• Phare Hat (three sizes)

• Porch Light Wrap

• Rigel Cowl

• Rigel Mitts

• Wreath Nebula Mitts


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