Outsourced Written Content

Blogging isn’t dead

We specialise in user-focused written content. Though fewer people are loyal blog readers, the medium of blogging is still a strong presence in online content. Unlike TikTok and Instagram reels or even Tweets, it is more searchable and can be a simpler resource for customers and potential customers.

Content for the customer

Are you observing trends in user questions on your company’s social media accounts and customer support desk? Do you then research the accurate and thorough response and create a simple but effective blog post or FAQ page for your website so the next time someone has that question there is an easy reference response, but also a searchable result if that customer uses a search engine to find the answer themselves. It is done in a GDPR and privacy compliant way with no customer or user data retained or considered in the creation.

AI hybrid

In many cases, content creation can be streamlined with a hybrid approach to writing with reliance on ChatGPT and other AI resources. Much as an outline would be created to cover the main points of a topic, AI can be embraced in this way. Though AI lacks empathy, perspective, and real experience which is why a hybrid approach is best.

About Evin Bail O’Keeffe

She grew up clanking away on her grandfather’s vintage Underwood typewriter at night. At Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, O’Keeffe fell in love with publication production while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Studio and Communications. During this time, she was editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper for three semesters and a PR interning editor of CHOPtalk at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After years of applying this and learning other skills in the office environment O’Keeffe’s personal blog, EvinOK.com, won Best Personal Arts & Crafts Blog in Ireland twice (2014, 2017), won bronze once (2018), and led the Teamwork content team to win Best Corporate Marketing Blog (2016). In that time, she also published four books through the newly founded Anchor and Bee and continued her involvement with the Cork Non-Fiction Writers’ Group (co-founder 2008). For specifics, you may access O’Keeffe’s resume or writing portfolio. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family, knitting, sudoku, and silently judging other people’s grammar.